Stigma was an app that helped you track your mental health by providing a microjournaling platform where you could track your mood throughout the day.

San Francisco

moved to San Francisco from 2015-2016. I cofounded and led the developement on an app called Stigma that was inspired by struggles with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Stigma provides you a safe way to build your support network, journal what’s on your mind, and keep track of your mood.

Stigma was also a wonderful community with people from all over the world where people would life you up on your bad days and cheer you on for the good ones.

This was one of the most exciting projects to work on. We were doing social-good in the world, we were helping people suffering from mental illness, and we were able to wake up every day and enjoy working on an app surrounded by some amazing people at the Tumml accelerator in San Francisco.

The first step towards your goals is to set them. The next is to track how you are going to get there. Like breathing, your mood is usually involuntary. You don’t really control how you feel because there are so many variables that affect it day to day and minute to minute. By tracking your mood alongside snippets of information you can start to uncover the bigger picture of what makes you happy, and alternatively see the broad strokes of what doesn't make you happy. Using this as a tool, you will be able to gently suggest the direction in which you want your mood to go - something that has a lot of impact on the decisions you will make.

With this philosophy in mind we created an app that had features that allowed you to input and store notes, set daily reminders, analyze your thoughts in the form of a word cloud, and interact with others in the community through comments and likes on the posts you decide to make anonymously public.

A broad overview of the apps capabilities

Build your support network:
- PenPals - Find and message supportive peers
- Support Groups - Join a caring group that matches your interests
- Community - Share journals and offer & receive support

Reflect on your day
- Simple Journaling - Take 15 seconds to add a journal entry
- Mood Calendar - Track your mood in a visual calendar

Track your progress
- Mood Graph - See how your mood adjusts over time
- Word Cloud - Notice the prominent words you use in journals

See what impacts your moods
- Advanced Mood Analytics - Learn how exercise, location, and other factors impact your mood

Stigma PRO offers two auto-renewing subscription options both available with a 1 month free trial (cancel anytime):
$2.99 for 1-month of Stigma PRO
$29.99 for 1-year of Stigma PRO

Unfortunately we struggled to find a viable business model for Stigma and made the difficult decision to shutter the app in 2018. Thank you to all our users for rating us the #1 app for mental health on the app store, and for over 3000+ wonderful reviews you left for us.